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Fast-Response Data Recovery

Data Back USA is a fast-response disaster recovery support group dedicated to recovering your data, photos, music, documents, spread sheets, presentations or any other data you deem important. Data Back USA offers computer data recovery support and solutions for all media types, hard drives, RAID arrays, memory sticks, pods and flash drives used on your desktop, laptop or servers.

If you have experienced an accidental deletion, a partial loss of data from a failing hard drive, a severe loss of data from an O/S crash or a no boot problem from a severely damaged drive (or media), here to help. If your hard drive is totally dead, our partners are able to retrieve data in nearly any circumstances including fire, flood or other physical disasters in a "clean room" environment.

We are here to assist you with data recovery services after a disaster wipes out all your hard work. From the single user to IT disaster recovery for the enterprise, be it on a computer, laptop or server. All media is serviced: CDs, hard drives, RAID arrays, Solid State Disks, memory sticks, memory cards, SD Cards, USB flash drives or other media.

Data Back USA, CUSA, Remote Control Help (RCH), BTO Diablo Computers and our very special partners are inseparable pieces of our overall expertise. We are proudly headquartered in Clayton, California near Mt. Diablo State Park. We operate retail stores in the central California area where we dedicate ourselves to providing the best computers, computer and network services. Our remote support help desk is second to none, providing instant repairs anywhere in the world.

All of our employees are dedicated computer technicians, including our sales clerks. So go ahead and ask your question. We.ll give you the right answer.

Drop by, call us, or contact us soon . Get your data back ASAP!

* Data Back USA is affiliated with CUSA a comprehensive computer business established in 1995. CUSA is ComputersUSA! and is not affiliated with CompUSA.