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Data Loss Prevention & Data Backup

Data loss prevention ranges from easy to complex. We suggest starting off easy and progressing as you understand the process and the tools available.

Data loss prevention starts with backups. The easiest back type is the use of a "flash" drive. Data backups and some simple regular data maintenance will keep important data safe. Data backup and maintenance can be done with the simple software, that way you don't have to spend hours trying to understand it. Keeping copies of important data separate from the computer that made it is the best way to prevent loss. Data backup can be as simple as using a USB "flash" drive or as complicated as a RAID array.

Flash drives use simple "drag-and-drop" or "copy-and-paste" techniques to copy files from your computer to the flash drive. This solution works best for individual files or small folders.

To save more data, use an external USB or eSATA hard drive that will give you the benefit of coping large amounts of data automatically. Once the system is in place, software automates the backup process so you get backups without the work. Data Back USA will assist with setting up your data backup routines or performing managed data backup services for you.

We do not recommend using CD's as a backup source, as they are not as accurate nor are they easy to use. Tape data backup solutions are not worth the effort with as many alternatives available such as RAID devices. A RAID device will make simultaneous and redundant copies of your data as you work. A RAID array is the ultimate in backup.

Data prevention consists of keeping your data protected with good anti-virus and anti-malware software. We find most user problems occur just after the subscriptions lapse. We recommend a current subscription of McAfee for these chores.

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