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Data Recovery Services

Data recovery from a disaster is the art and science of regaining control of your damaged media (drive), reading its complex file structure, accumulating the bits into a record, moving as much of the recovered data as possible to a safe environment (such as another hard drive) then reconstructing all those bits into a file structure you recognize.

The media can be:

  • Magnetic like hard drives (HDs) or RAID arrays
  • Removable like CDs
  • Electronic like flash drives, memory sticks, memory cards, pen drives, external hard drives, SD cards, CDs, DVDs, solid state drives & more

Whatever the media, able to recover data from it. Data recovery is the process of getting your files back to a readable condition after a crash.

Data and file recovery includes Windows 2000 & Windows XP Word document files, Excel spreadsheets, Quicken and QuickBooks financial, database files, music, photo and video files, presentations, DOS files, Unix, Linux, SQL Server files, Exchange Server files, email, any Windows formats or nearly anything that is written to your media is considered savable data. A data recovery company will search your drive and save everything. Therefore, you don't need to know where the files are or what the file names are in order to recover data.

Hard drive data recovery services start with a comprehensive review of the details of the failure. The more your can tell us the better and faster we can recover the data. Next, we determine the least cost and safest method of recovery, one size does not fit all. After the data is recovered we copy the data to an external USB hard drive (recommended) or other such media you choose and ship it back to you. Data Back USA will even help you move the recovered data back to your computer so you can use it again.

If your data is important to you, don't use "off the shelf" recovery tools found in most book stores. Contact us or drop by our office locations and see how a professional computer data recovery solution can provide you with the best possible results.