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Managed & Outsourced IT Services

Why are you the overworked IT chieftain?

Does everything fall on you when computers need attention - is it up to you to fix everything? There is a way to relieve the stress of being the go-to IT person. By using managed IT services, you "outsource" some of the mundane work, get help with security and keep programs current . automatically. It is like hiring an IT manager without having to create the W2.

It would be nice to have a hand, have someone else to depend on when you need it, wouldn't it? Could an IT manager free your time for other jobs, like running your business or making time for more sales? You would feel better knowing your computers are secure, current and maintained, wouldn.t you?

Let Data Back USA show you how outsourced & managed IT services would benefit you. For example, AntiVirus programs not only would be current, but a managed service would send notifications when an outbreak occurs, documenting that corrective action was being taken. Software would never be outdated and everyone would have the same versions all the time. Backups would always be current because your manager would be on the job assisting you.

  • Data Back USA has partnered with Vembu software to create hosted backup services, which automates backup for your entire network. If you need a little or a lot of space, we can accommodate you up to 4 (four) Terabytes immediately and more if you have special needs. CUSA does all the heavy lifting by providing the software licenses, monitoring the backup procedure and if necessary, the data restoration.
  • Data Back USA has partnered with McAfee software to create hosted security services that automates and distributes antivirus and security for your entire network. No need to worry about individual software licenses as CUSA covers you with one umbrella of security services. McAfee monitors each computer on the network for virus outbreaks and appropriate steps taken to neutralize the threat before it becomes burdensome.
  • Software management can reduce the overall cost of ownership and reduce management headaches, keep your office running the latest software, and enforce standardization throughout your enterprise. Data Back USA and Microsoft partner Microsoft Office Live an Internet based software service with experienced technicians as part of Microsoft's Windows Live initiative.

So, just imagine your day filled with things you want to do and not responding to every IT request just because you are the only person. Get some help today with managed & outsourced IT services from Data Back USA.

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