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Preliminary Self Diagnostics

Here are some tips to help you determine the severity of your problem: If these tips don't return your media to operational status, you will need to send your drive or flash product (media) to us. We are assuming you are using Windows XP or Windows Vista:

Hard Drives . Internal

Problem: Computer won't boot to a desktop.

Try this:

Turn your computer off and wait for a moment. Turn it back on and begin tapping the F8 key you should have a menu pop up . if you don.t see the menu, your drive is dead and needs to be sent to us for data recovery.

If you get a blue screen with white writing (BSOD), your operating system (Windows) is corrupted. This is reparable in shop by us. This condition is a good indicator that your hard drive is dying and should be replaced.

If you get a menu, choose "Boot to Safe Mode". If the boot doesn.t get you to the desktop, you likely have drive corruption such as bad sectors or a broken partition table. This is also reparable and is a good indicator that your hard drive is dying and should be replaced.

If you get a menu and it goes all the way into a "Safe Mode" Windows desktop then the likely cause is a virus and is reparable with our remote PC support. This likely means that your hard drive is okay.

Hard Drives . External

Problem: Computer won.t recognize the external drive.

Try this if the drive worked before:

Check the external power connector to the external drive and be sure it's on. Remove the USB connector to the computer; you should hear a bing-bong (assuming your speakers are working).

If you do hear the sound, open the My Computer icon, then plug in the USB connector for your external hard drive. You should hear an indicator sound again.

If you don't hear the sound, your external enclosure is likely defective. If you do hear the sound, check My Computer for a new icon saying Removable Drive. Double click and see if opens. If it does, it likely works and we can recover data from the blank drive if you send it in right away. If there isn't data there it was likely deleted by a user.

If it fails to open, your drive or drive enclosure is defective. We can also repair this if you send it in.