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Remote Internet PC Support

Remote PC support allows our technicians to have a virtual seat at your computer. We use our keyboard and mouse just as if it were plugged into your computer. By utilizing the Internet and special software, you'll think we were sitting at your computer making repairs and adjustments. It's truly amazing.

Data Back USA will have full control of your computer, so just tell us what needs to be done. That way we can fix your problem, whether it is tuning up your computer, removing virus infections, deleting malware, setting up security, adding antivirus software to stop invasions or setting up backups, we can solve your problem. It's like having a live person at your home or office. You won't believe it.

Fast & Inexpensive Remote PC Support

To get to our remote PC support call us at 925-672-9989 and explain your problem or request. We'll take it from there and fix your computer remotely.

More Remote PC Support Information

Data Back USA supports a wide range of products, software and security systems. Using our special support software we're able to setup modems, routers, networks, computers and printers all from our office. We will communicate with you to let you know what's going on or to teach you how to control your computer better.

When you connect to our remote site we download a VNC client (one time use software) into your computer which creates the virtual session. You will monitor our session by watching the action on your screen and you will know exactly what the cost is by watching the counter. Similar to a taxi ride, our timer shows you how much time has elapsed so you can see how long we're logged on and only being charged for the time you use.

Need software you can't find? We will file transfer software from our computers to yours if needed. This allows us the ability to load anti-virus or anti-malware software so we can protect your computer from attacks and remove unwanted software. You don't even have to find software buried in a closet or run to the store for a copy. We've got it for you online.